Pathways to leadership- Day 1

Séminaire ‘les chemins du leadership’

Quarante-et-une jeunes femmes se sont retrouvées à Nuestra Cabaña cette semaine pour approfondir leurs connaissances en leadership féminin et égalité des genres.

Ce séminaire, basé sur le Programme de Développement du Leadership de l’AMGE (PDLA), fait partie d’un projet d’un an mis en œuvre dans les Régions Europe et Hémisphère occidental.

Ne manquez pas les mises à jour quotidiennes envoyées par les participantes.

Celebrate the New Year at Our Cabaña!Celebrate the New Year at Our Cabaña!

30 juin 2015

Join us in an amazing New Year´s event!

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An unique season began with our “Splash Into Spring”An unique season began with our “Splash Into Spring”

9 avril 2015

With the arrival of spring, Our Cabaña becomes the ideal place to meet Mexico, share with Girl Guides from elsewhere and spend unforgettable moments, as did the participants of our "Splash into Spring...

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Girl Scouts celebrate friendship with good wineGirl Scouts celebrate friendship with good wine

20 mars 2015

Good wine is taken for celebrations. The participants of our "Grape Attributes" were very clear on that. They have been friends and Girl Scouts since they were Brownies and for almost one week, accomp...

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Pathfinders and Rangers lived an unstoppable adventure at Our CabañaPathfinders and Rangers lived an unstoppable adventure at Our Cabaña

28 mars 2015

In Our Cabaña there are no impossibilities. If you want to know Mexico in a week, you can. The participants of the second Pick And Mix for this year succeeded in a very special event, where they combi...

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Security Statement

There have been some reports of violence in Mexico. These events have not affected us or any of our visitors in any way and we remain open.

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