Our Cabaña song

Traduction à suivre

The Our Cabaña song was written by the participants who attended the very first Juliette Low session at Our Cabaña in 1957. It is sung to the traditional Mexican Birthday tune and in the way that the original writers intended. First verse in English, then Spanish, English, Spanish and then English.

1. Neath the Grand Sierra Madre on a plain in Mexico, 
Lies our beautiful Cabaña, where Girl Scouts and Guides go, 
Oh come then to see the mountains, the Cactus and sunny skies, Hear the crickets in the evening and see the white moon arise.

2. En la bella Cuernavaca, en un valle en México, 
sencuentra Nuestra Cabaña un lugar lleno de sol,
Vamos a Nuestra Cabaña, gozaremos a llegar
d’amistad y d’alegria y de belleza sin par.

3. When you see the warm red roofs, you think of hearts that glow with cheer,
And the walls of sturdy stone work stand for friendship so dear,
Each day there is filled with laughter, each evening is filled with song,
And our stay at Our Cabaña gives us memories life long.

4. Cada día en Nuestra Cabaña, trabajamos por cumplir, 
Los ideales de Guidismo y de nuestro fundador, 
Vayamos a La Cabaña, nuestra promesa a vivir, 
con nuestras hermanas Guías, l’amistad a compartir."

5. When you go to Our Cabaña you will find yourselves at home,
There’s a greeting smile so friendly and a handshake so warm.
So come now to Our Cabaña, world friendship to increase,
and carry to our homeland International peace.