Opening Day at the Western Hemisphere Regional Conference

21 July 2013

Day 0 - 20th July 2013

Finally the day arrived. After 3 years of hard work preparing for the 13th Western Hemisphere Regional Conference,  “Guías de México" had all prepared to welcome us. We arrived early in the morning to “Our Cabaña”, where the staff received us warmly and we took an introductory session and registered our delegations. With the excitement of finding ourselves in this event once more we attended the inauguration ceremony with Lic. Margarita Zavala (A WAGGGS honorary member), World Bureau Members of Staff, Western Hemisphere Committee Members and Guías de México Directive Committee Members.

Western Hemiphere Conference Day 1 Photo 3

After the custom honors to the host’s national flag and the WAGGGS flag. We saw a parade starring participant countries and a speech by Guías de México’s President Paloma Velázques Luevanos, who reminded us of the importance of viewing any hardship from different perspectives in order to find the best choice. Western Hemisphere Committee President Perla Casco made a call for all organizations to create new strategies to reach WAGGGS 2020 vision goals.

“We hope for all girls to be valued and take actions to change the situations that affect them.” –She said.

Lastly we had a speech by Lic. Margarita Western Hemisphere Conference Day 1 Photo 2Zavala about what WAGGGS meant to her personal life and how volunteering becomes an important key to create a changing society. The cherry to finish it all was a fantastic contemporary dance, some Mexican “antojitos” and mexican drinks.

We feel so very excited about the work we’ll start tomorrow. We hope to take the best decisions for our association.