Successful begining of our Juliette Low journey

The first day of the Juliette Low Seminar had an auspicious start with a bright sunny day, rested participants and an Opening ceremony with representatives from all 5 regions. 

Staff team of Our Cabana welcomed us with a symbolic drinking of water, an ancient Aztec custom. During the opening ceremony we also shared an attidude or behaviour we are bringing to the seminar.

The theme for today was "The Spirit of Me". 

A leader is incomplete without
knowing where she is coming from, what makes her who she is and where she
wants to go. 
Self awareness, continuous self reflection and self assessment
are key to better leadership.

Amongst us, participants we found the courage to question ourselves and share with our sister guides and girl scouts, we were challenged to test the limits of our knowledge and then push the boundaries of our learning zones, we critically examined ourselves as to the kind of learners we were and the type of leaders we have been, two roles that are irrevocably linked with each other.

Juliette Low Seminar 2012 - ParticipantsAll of this learning was supplemented by the personality of our planning team: Joey and Rachel´s session was conducted with enthusiasm, Anne and Koka´s with humor, Alice and Maria´s with warmth and Dawn and Chyama´s with grace. Katherine, Joceylnne and Adrianna were untiring translators, there was quite a mix of languages!

Sessions moved fluidly from the meeting room, to the concentric Campfire site, briefing was done amongst the gnarled roots of the trees by the swings and leadership styles studied cross legged on both a grassy lawn and a shaded pavement.

The corridors of Our Cabana were transformed into a gallery dedicated to influential women, the walls decorated with ideas from all of us participants bringing together 36 different cultures and learning experiences.

Whilst a long day, this was interspersed with two coffee breaks (not just limited to coffee! Nothing will ever feel as refreshing on a hot day as chilly lemonade by a glittering blue pool), a delicious lunch that would
have left us dozy had Alice permitted it, and of course the soothing beauty of Our Cabana. As it is still early days, we could be found (willingly!) wandering in the maze of stone steps and paths before realizing the building that we were looking for was right where we started from!

JLS Day 1  - My self portraitWhilst it was difficult to decide on one photograph to represent the day we have decided to go for the following one because it captures some of the

...key points of the Juliette Low seminar: participative learning, colour and beauty and most importantly the power of women willing to make a change.


With such an inspirational and motivating start we are looking forward to the next day at the Juliette Low Seminar. It is certainly a privilege to be learning in an environment that is supportive, multicultural, beautiful and constantly challenging.

For you today:
The Purpule patrol