Learning through sharing and inspiring

In our first session today we had two amazing woman share the stories of their lives.

JLS 2012 - Guest speaker Natalia Fitz and Joey Rosemberg (chair of the planning team)They showed us that, by setting goals and trusting our selves, we can achieve anything we are passionate about.
Natalia Fitz (left on the photo), a 30 year old environmental scientist, has faced several personal difficulties but has strived to fulfill her dreams of studying overseas and starting her own business.

Louroes Izauirre (Lulu)
is the director of Windsor, the first inclusive daycare in Mexico, for children both with and without disabilities. She talked to us about her tool belt. Each tool represents a method to cope with different situations that she faces during her daily life as a professional, a mother, a daughter and friend.

JLS 2012 - games timeWe continued our day with a leadership reflection session. We learned a method to analyze challenges we have experienced. Some of us were brave enough to present our personal challenge and to listen to the ideas of the group without being allowed to interrupt. We experienced real support and friendship while we tried to solve the situations presented.

During the last session we illustrated a vision of ourselves in five years time. We pictured our dreams about our future personal life, professional carriers and Guiding/Scouting activities. In order to be able to realize the vision we also thought about the steps we need to take on our way to make our dreams come true. 

Today for you:
The Orange patrol

JLS 2012 - session by the pool

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