Action planning and celebrations

Day 6 with the theme SPIRIT OF JLS IN ME started with the last flag raise of the seminar. We took time away from the regular morning games to discuss the VAMOS!  projects between the groups to learn more about their methods of achieving their goal of empowering women and the challenges they faced. We could still feel the excitement  and energy of the groups when they were sharing their experience.  

What really made a difference today was to hear the leadership journey of Joey Rosenberg, the head of the planning team. With concrete and personal examples, she was able to show us the turning points of her life as a leader and inspire us to make a change. We also thought about what we are bringing with us back home and what we want to leave behind. We learned the spiral model tool that we can use as we go further on our own leadership journey.

JLS 2012 Pledge actionBetween lunch and dinner, we had  a lot of time to plan for our own action projects, in other words, what we want to achieve after the JLS. During the hard planning, we also had a chance to learn about global guiding possibilities that WAGGGS offers as well as get information about the WAGGGS world centers. At the end of the afternoon, we made a pledge in line with  our action plans presenting in a nutshell what we want to achieve when we go home.

It was time to start wrapping up our experiences at the JLS. We discussed our most significant moments of the seminar and made evaluations. 

Then it was time for a party and it was a proper Mexican fiesta! We even had a traditional mariachi band with eight members playing us classics such as "Cucaracha" and "Mariachi loco"  as well as a bit more surprising piece of music: "Macarena". Mexican food was served and much enjoyed. 

We all wanted to give our new friends a little something to carry with them back home and to fill their bags with positive things so we wrote down things  that we feel are their strengths in their leadership in the future. Finally, we all received our certificates and had our little official kodak moments.

Our Cabana, Mexico, Homepage photo
And to formally end the seminar, we broke a piñata and broke into a dance.

Now, it's time for some real action...

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