Visit and action in the Community

JLS 2012 - Action in the community dayThe theme of today was the Spirit of Action; we could test it on our skins, since we had the experience to prepare and deliver a session to the women at one of the six selected community projects run by the organisation called VAMOS.

 The organisation deals with young children and elderly people in the poorest regions of the state of Morelos.

In the morning we had energizers, games and songs with actions, introducing the next steps towards our action project. We had a special visitor as well, Alejandro Lopez, director of the same organization, who gave us a detailed overview about the project, its history and other practical information.

JLS 2012 - Action in the community dayAfter his presentation we split into groups of 7 to 9 people and made an action plan for the visit. Our main task was to prepare a one-hour session to deliver to the mothers about women empowerment and leadership.

All the groups were very enthusiastic and prepared interesting and interactive sessions.
The exciting visit was in the afternoon, so after lunch all the groups left to their centres of VAMOS. We spent more than an hour with the mothers of the children at the day centres, having fun, empowering them and sharing the spirit of the JLS. They all were nice and open, they were happy to have us there and they are all looking forward to seeing Our Cabaña's team again.

Today is action day which means that we not only went to VAMOS to take actions but we have some exciting actions here at the Cabaña as well.

Couple of minutes ago has just started the Our Cabaña Market, where you can purchase handcraft pieces and in the night we are going to have a pool party so everybody go and get your swimming suit! :)



The journey to 10 De Avril was as winding as was the experience with the women. Eager faces and curious eyes greeted upon arrival. It dawned on me that women have a knack for bonding quickly in spite of language and background. I was a participant observer in a process which forced the women of 10 De Avril and I to reflect even for a moment on the tools that we need to walk through life’s challenges. My appreciation for the women deepened upon hearing their own personal experiences and their efforts to create their own tool kits for life. One participant was especially emotional as she shared her situation. I saw beyond the situation, for I know that therein lies a strong, brave and daring person whose only life premium is best summed up in the words of Condoleezza Rice Never be a victim of your circumstances.


We all participated in the action project and I had the opportunity to join the group that journey to 1 De Mayo. We did not arrival there early as we expected, but we made sure we delivered the message within the limited. On arrival, I realize that no matter the challenges that women go through, the motherly love is a strong bond that see us through the ups and downs of life. No matter the abuses, violence and the low self esteem, the inner spirit of woman empowerment is a strong weapon that fights against poverty and single parenthood.


We met really amazing women, they were sharing, opened and friendly with us, they even taught us a funny and traditional game (la papa se quema). We felt proud to be part of the VAMOS! programme. Amigas para siempre! :)


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