Exploring the Spirit of WAGGGS

The first session today was a debrief of the action projects we did yesterday.  The overarching theme of the day was the Spirit of WAGGGS.

First we did an activity where we expressed the emotions we had after doing our action projects. We then had to write a postcard about what we did as a project, how the women perceived the experience and how this contributed to the mission of WAGGGS.

Nicola Grinsted - World Board Member WAGGGSThe second session was the Global Connection with the Deputy Chair of the World Board, Nicola Grinsted. First, we learnt about the structure of WAGGGS and what Nicola´s responsibilities are; then we were asked to discuss and feedback strategies for increasing membership for Nicola to take to the World Board.

We were asked challenging questions about our suggested strategies by Nicola and two of the Region Development Executives, Alice (Africa Region) and Chaymaa (Arab Region).

After lunch, the JLS participants were split into the five Regions and we discussed the WAGGGS initiatives (and how the WAGGGS mission was being carried out) within all the Regions.

The participants had the opportunity in the afternoon to attend three breakout sessions which included the GROW method for coaching, being relaxed when leading, meditation, time management, technology for presentations, deeper discussions with Nicola, and much, much more!

The highlight of the day was the international evening where each JLS participants were able to share things from their country whether it be food, dance, badges or other souvenirs. Before we got the chance to exchange items, each region had 7 minutes to perform.

Hasta luego, patrulla amarilla!

Today for you:
The Yellow Patrol

The photo postcards from all the groups. The photos represent group¨s sentiments summarizing their Action in the community experience.

JLS 2012 Action day debrief - postcard   JLS 2012 Action day debrief - postcard
JLS 2012 Action day debrief - postcard   JLS 2012 Action day debrief - postcard
JLS 2012 Action day debrief - postcard   Action in community debrief postcard