The Spirit of Women shines through

On Tuesday morning, the second day of the Juliette Low Seminar, we woke up to another sunny day and new challenges were waiting for us. Our journey to explore the spirit of women started with the flag ceremony and a few team building activities.

JLS - Day 2 - reflection to the pyramidesWe were delighted to be exploring outside of Our Cabaña with taking a walk to the Pyramids of Cuernavaca. We couldn´t find a better place for reflection and some time to think about our leadership journey so far.

When we returned, in groups we were challenged to choose 3 inspirational women and present the life of these women in the form of rap, play, poetry and story.

In the afternoon we discussed the challenges and the opportunities of women in the world today and we planned what we hoped it would look like in the future.

The last session of the day related to the different dilemmas a leader might face.

Our Key Learnings of the day were:
  • Importance of reflection in leadership development
  • Being empowered by present and passed leaders
  • How different challenges in different countries bring their own opportunities
  • Difficulties in facing and solving dilemmas

For you today:
The Red Patrol

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